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Our plants
Hollow blocks and structural blocks with semi-rapid dryer
By way of example, a typical plant for the production of hollow blocks and structural blocks with semi-rapid dryer is described below.
In sequence there are: a cutting area composed by a slug cutter and a cutter arranged in serie, an area for the wet product loading onto drying cars through two automatic platforms, a semi-rapid dryer, a stacking line composed by selection lines and a robotic unit, a tunnel kiln equiped with automatic cleanning device of kiln cars, and two lines of unloading and packaging the two distinct finished products.
Departments present in this plant
Cutting Line
The cutting systems constructed by COSMEC excel in innovation, versatility and reliability of use.

COSMEC applies the most advanced motion control technologies which allow precise, coordinated and continuous movements thereby reducing machine wear and maintenance.

COSMEC provides a range of engineering solutions, including:
  • Horizontal, vertical and horizontal/vertical slug cutters
  • Electronic cutters with or without trimming
  • Vertical cutters
  • Brick cutter with chamfering
  • Horizontal cutters
  • Pass cutters

The devices can be equipped with various accessories, such as:
  • Pneumatic wire tensioning
  • Wire movement
  • Pre-cutting on the middle of the piece
  • Chamfering.
  • Device for creating side opening..
Loading and unloading automatisms
COSMEC constructs systems for loading/unloading materials onto/from fixed or movable platforms combining construction and product requirements to safeguard production quality.
COSMEC’s consolidated experience allows it to find solutions for any space problem so that high production rates can be achieved even when restructuring or modernising existing plants.

COSMEC provides a range of engineering solutions, including:
  • plants with pit with fixed or movable platforms
  • plants without pit with fixed or movable platforms
  • plants with forks with movable platforms.

Tunnel Semi-Rapid Dryer
The drayer is built in a modular way and it is divided in 3 zones with 3 heat generators, the internal ventilation is done with axial fans placed on the two walls of the dryer alternate between them. The centrifugal fans draw the humid air which is put back in circulation or expelled from the chimney. This drying process allows variable cycles from 5 to 12 hours, allowing a precise control of the humidity and the temperature in the various stages of the drying.
The experience gained in application on production processes allows COSMEC to meet the customer’s every requirement for efficient use of space, adapting the plants to the existing infrastructures by means of versatile programming systems for loading onto the kiln cars. Making use of the best technologies available today and using robotized systems, COSMEC ensures high precision and high production performance in the load formation processes for every production need.

COSMEC provides a range of engineering solutions, including:
  • Packs stackers
  • Row stackers
Tunnel Kiln
The dried products are stacked on kiln cars and introduced into the tunnel kiln, which can be realized both in masonry and with prefabricated panels. The tunnel kiln is made with all the necessary equipment to ensure the best firing uniformity in the whole section of the kiln making full use of energy intake intended to consumption optimizing. The principal equipments are: heated pre-kiln - preheating recycling - preheating high speed side burners - combustion system in ceiling/wall – high temperature recovery - final recovery/back pressure – under kiln cars ventilation.
Fired product unloading and packaging
COSMEC makes use of the most modern mechanical and electronic technologies, both orthogonal and robotized, to construct fired product unstacking systems which ensure highly precise and synchronised movements. This allows optimising production performance and ensuring high versatility in the formation of any type of pack. COSMEC constructs pack packaging and storage lines, pallet feeders and automatic yard storage systems ensuring optimisation of space and continuity of the
shipping area operations.

COSMEC provides a range of engineering solutions, including:
  • Fired product unloading in packs
  • Fired product unloading in layers
  • Automatic pallet feeding
  • Pack packaging lines, that can be equipped with:
  • Horizontal or vertical strapping
  • Stretch film wrapping
  • Shrink or stretch film capping
  • Mother/daughter transfer tables
  • Lift trucks for yard storage
  • Bridge cranes.
Drier cars and kiln cars handling
COSMEC is characterised by its use of the most modern motion control technologies that allow precise and coordinated movements for handling drier cars and shelving as well as kiln cars. COSMEC also constructs metal structures for housing all types of extruded or moulded products, developing solutions suited to any product handling requirement.

COSMEC provides a range of engineering solutions, including:
  • Dryer car handling
  • Kiln car handling
  • Elements and structures for product support